A Really Functional Library…

LibraryErasmus…and a framed picture of Erasmus, the Humanist.

Erasmus was imported to England by King Henry VIII, to train and educate his daughter Elizabeth, who became Elizabeth I. If you read the history of this woman who took the throne in a coup, to rule England in a man’s world, you can see her humanist background in her activities.

Elizabeth re-emphasized the rule of law and the modification of equity: When confronting religious refusal to take Communion and to take the qualifying oaths required, she is reported as saying, “I will make no windows into men’s souls. You may believe anything you like in your heart. But, you will comply.”

When I see this framed portrait, I remember that Erasmus stated, “When ever I get a little money, first I buy books. If any is left over I buy food and clothes.” That is a man after my own heart. I too buy books. I would rather have a good book than a meal. May be a terrible way to live; it’s me to a tee. It really is! Your favorite British Isles genealogist, Arlene Eakle.

PS My personal library exceeds 20,000 volumes; the Conner-Bishop portion of The Genealogy Library Center added almost 100,000 items to my non-profit genealogy library. With regularity, I add to this library over 100 carefully selected volumes of my choosing every year. I have not tried to make an estimate of the number of books donated to the Center Library yet. Eventually, all these works will be available in a building of over 10,000-square feet.

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